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Frequently Asked Questions

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You’ll need either a phone, tablet, or computer with Internet access to join any of our virtual classes. Classes are accessed via our private Instagram and/or Facebook accounts, or a Zoom link, depending on your membership option and the class. Once you’ve signed up for your class, you’ll receive an email with detailed viewing instructions.

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Prenatal Library access

Zoom: Live Stream classes for Pay Per Class participants, Screen Share classes for all participants, Mom and Baby series

Expect clear verbal cueing that’s easy to follow so you can focus on your movement, not your screen. Class is taught without music so you can focus on proper alignment and form. The beginning of class will highlight any props you need, as well as any class focuses (when applicable). Expect to get sweaty while moving mindfully!

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, but make sure your clothing doesn’t restrict your range of motion. Loose or stretch clothing is ideal! Pilates is performed in bare feet or grip socks. If you’re joining Park Pilates, be sure to dress for the weather.

Yes, a private session is the best place to start. Learn more here. After your first session, you may decide to transition into group classes — we’ll teach you the modifications you need to move safely, while still getting a good workout. You may also continue to stay with private sessions, depending on the types of injuries you are working with. Further discussions with your instructor in your first session will help guide your Pilates practice!

Our Mom and Baby classes are a great place to start. This series of classes is designed specifically for new mamas and their babies to help you get strong from the inside out. You can do this workout on your own or with your baby at your side. This class is broadcasted on Zoom and is the same format as a Screen Sharing class. If you can’t make class live (or baby won’t let you finish it) a recording of the workout can be sent to you. Plus, this is a great opportunity to connect with other moms virtually.

If you are looking for a more individualized and personal approach, a private session is also a great place to start. You can begin by discussing specific concerns, asking questions, and setting goals with your instructor one-on-one.

Yes! Pilates is great for expecting mamas because it is safe, gentle, and low impact, all while being incredibly effective. The North at Home Prenatal Library is designed specifically for expecting mamas. These workouts will help you stay strong throughout your pregnancy and prepare your body for motherhood. Suitable for all trimesters, these videos will guide you through safe and effective workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime! The library features 10 workouts to keep you active and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Props are often incorporated in class as they challenge your core stability, build strength, and allow for modifications and adjustments to suit your experience level. The best part? You may have some of these items at home already, or you can substitute with some household items (see the list below) so you don’t have to spend much!

  • Mat: Pilates feels best on a thick mat. If you’re using a yoga mat, you might want to double up, or use a blanket or towel on top. You can also set yourself up on a carpet for extra cushioning.
  • Light weights (1-5lbs): 2 lbs weighted balls were commonly used in the studio – dumbbells also work! If you don’t have light weights, you can grab something from your pantry – canned beans or soup tins are excellent alternatives.
  • Pilates Ring & Squishy Ball: These props are great for inner thigh activation and pelvic floor engagement. A pillow, rolled up towel/blanket, or a kid’s soccer ball are easy substitutes for the squishy ball.
  • Long & Looped Bands: These are versatile and props that don’t take up much space, and are generally easy to find in a variety of resistances.
  • You might also want to use:
    • A small hand towel for under your head when lying face up or down
    • A small pillow, blanket or block for sitting on or propping up your head when side lying.
    • Anything to help make you comfortable is key!