Customized Workout Video

CA$ 95

Pilates is all in the details, so let Anna create a workout just for you! Whether you’re rehabbing an injury or looking for something that isn’t part of the North at Home library (like a reformer class or sports-specific cross-training), a customized workout video will set you up for success!

Get started by booking a 15 minute call so that you can share your needs and goals with Anna. After this call, you will be sent one 25-35 minute video that's yours to keep and can be done on repeat.


Get ready to crush your goals. Let's work together to clarify your 'why', make a foolproof plan, and celebrate your successes!

Keep the momentum of your goal setting call going with a weekly or monthly coaching call!

Let the North at Home Library work for you! There are hundreds of classes posted online, but which ones are right for you?

Pilates is all about the details, so get a customized workout made just for you!

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Pilates for Tennis Players
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