Goal Setting Call (30 mins)

CA$ 75

Over my 19 years of teaching Pilates, I've had the joy of working with countless individuals, and have seen how both their bodies and lives have changed. I credit my clients’ successes to their commitments to their “why.” I suspect that you already know that you ‘should’ workout regularly, but if you can really clarify how being stronger in your body will impact your daily life, I promise you’ll be much more committed to getting on your mat. In a goal setting call, we’ll work through:

  • Your why: What motivates you to move, beyond the physical changes in your body? Do you want to run faster? Pick up your grandkids?
  • The how: Together we’ll develop the best plans, and fall back plans, as well as strategies to get back on track when life happens.
  • Celebrating success: Learn how to measure results and celebrate success!

This call can be done via phone or Zoom.


Get ready to crush your goals. Let's work together to clarify your 'why', make a foolproof plan, and celebrate your successes!

Keep the momentum of your goal setting call going with a weekly or monthly coaching call!

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